Anonymous inquired:

If Gally appears on screen more that Minho and Newt, I'll be very pissed off :(

To be honest I think they’ll focus on Gally quite a bit. Cause besides WICKED and the grievers - who was the actual person that was pinned the role of the “bad guy” in the first book, it was Gally. I feel like Wes will draw from that even more so come Death Cure time, the character development and revelation hits us even more.

As for Minho, he has an entire night with Thomas in the maze so I think we’ll be good on that one.

I hope Newt gets a decent amount though! But you know what? I completely love what Wes and Wyck have been doing with the movie so far and am so sure that it will be amazing no matter what.

braedn inquired:

Did the whole Thomas announcing his name to the fladers happen in the book? I can't remember that part for some reason


no, it didn’t happen that way. the way it happened in the book was he just knew his name when he woke up in the box and that was it but it looks as if the film has taken a little more interesting direction. like idk that video made it look like maybe thomas finding out his name is how they initiated him as a glader almost????? idk????? but how they did it looks rlly cool??????

[randomly jumps in] tbh I think it makes more sense - cause when we read the book we knew what thomas was thinking .. the moment he realized yes this is my name this is the only thing i remember. And I think that would come across weird in movie like when alby is like “what’s your name?” “Thomas - but I can’t remember anything.” I like the fact of him slowly working towards remembering, it’s like he’s creating an identity for himself as a glader and i don’t know what i’m saying anymore but yes

“We have a great vibe on our set. I host rehearsals outside my hotel room every night, and we’ll all run our scenes for the next day. I have a little buddy relationship with every single one of them.”
- Dylan O’Brien talking about The Maze Runner cast x (via wickedisgood)